SenS-Line Catalog 2022

TERMS OF WARRENTY On all our garden furniture we provide a seasons warrenty at normal use and maintenance on material- and construction failure. Exclusions on warrenty are.: • Damage by use and normal wear and tear. • Stacking damage. • Tear losse of twine thread. • Natural working of wood as there ase.: Hair crackes, Rasing and fading of the color of the wood. • Fading of the color of Cushions. • Damage by weather as storm and rain. • Incorrect an improper assembly. • Repairs by third. • Damage caused by exposure to high temperatures. • Color difference between replaced parts due to age differences. Exclusions of warranty also reflect on damages deu to misuse of the furniture, as there are.: unusual load, damage deu to aggresive fluids falls assembly, falls maintenance, repairs made by unauthorised people etc. This warrenty does’t give a right for campensation. Price- and/or model changes and misprints reserved. Prices de nce with the terms of delivery as provided. NOTES SenS-Line Terms of warrenty 105